How Silly of Me…

How silly of me to think that all this blog moving business would be finished by today. I forgot about the fact that when you don’t know what you’re doing and you just click on links to see where they’ll take you, you may end up exporting all your subscribers before you know it, and then warned to access the exported file right away because within 24 hours it will disappear.  Which is what I did today.

What exactly, I wonder will disappear? Just the file that when I accessed it saved to my computer? Or will all the addresses I “exported” also disappear from my subscriber list. After all, when you export something, doesn’t it go from one place to another? I’m always so literal and computer stuff is rarely literal. But still.

As I said, I now have the exported addresses in a file on my computer, so if it suddenly all disappears I do think I can recover.  At the moment everything seems fine, but there’s that 24-hour disappearance deadline hanging over me. I spent a considerable amount of time trolling through Feedblitz’s support section trying to find out more about exporting. And also why they have put in the nifty little symbols to designate a particular subscriber email as “undeliverable” and do you want to re-enable? What does that mean? Do I need to re-enable? One friend, whose address was thus marked said she’s been getting the blogs despite the alert and re-enable symbol.  And then I came across something that said I can’t change anything in the addresses anyway. So… I don’t get it.

Suffice to say, I didn’t get as many things done today as I’d hoped. But tomorrow I will not blog any more about these techie details. I promise.

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