Ant Mega Colony

antsNot only are people working toward a one world government and social system, but apparently ants are too. At least one species has. It  started out in Argentina where billions of ants lived in vast colonies on its plains.

Now, according to an article  in BBC’s Earth News, a colony of those same Argentine ants has been found in California, extending some 560 miles along the Pacific coast. Another spans several European countries, running  3,700 miles along the Mediterranean Sea. A third mega colony been found in Japan.

Usually ants of separate colonies are quite aggressive toward one another but when ants from each of these three mega colonies were brought together in an experiment to test aggression,

“they acted as if they were old friends. These ants rubbed antennae with one another and never became aggressive or tried to avoid one another. In short, they acted as if they all belonged to the same colony, despite living on different continents separated by vast oceans.”

Researchers believe it’s because the billions of ants in each of the three colonies are genetically related to one another, for they have the same chemicals in their cuticles by which ants apparently “recognize” one another as friend or foe.

“The enormous extent of this population is paralleled only by human society,” the researchers write in the journal Insect Sociaux, in which they report their findings. And, indeed, it is precisely because of humans’ increasingly global interactions through travel and trade that the ants have spread.

Which brings to mind this verse in Daniel 12:4

 “But as for you, Daniel, conceal these words and seal up the book until the end of time; many will go back and forth (to travel by sea; rove about, go to and fro) and knowledge will increase.”

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