CLJ print review of RotGK

Back in July, Christian Library Journal reviewer Donna Bowling emailed to inform me that the Journal is back in hard-copy publication and that her review of Return of the Guardian King is on pages 8 and 9 of the June 2009 edition with RotGK’s cover serving as the cover illustration for the same edition. Cool!

For excerpts from this review, click here to read my post on Writing from the Edge back in 2007

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  1. Joan Chevalier

    Hi Karen – quite awhile ago, you picked up on a column that I wrote for the Boston Globe, “The Dangers of Liberal Bias.” I thought you might like to read a another critique of my fellow liberals and their response to townhalls, titled “Why Better Doesn’t Serve Us. . . anymore”. It’s posted on a website for women that is also doing an excellent job of analysing the health care bills. The essay is here:

    I am a speechwriter, so don’t like to draw too much attention to my own opinions, though I may change that going forward. When the Globe piece was published and created such a furor, I decided to follow suit with others and not respond to the responses. I think that in doing so I lost an opportunity to broaden the dialogue with people and increase the knowledge here on the East coast of issues for many rural Americans. I regret that I didn’t rise to that occasion, but I felt somewhat overwhelmed. 800 pieces of hate mail was a lot to take in:-).

    So, given the state of the dialogue or lack of it, I have decided to more fully engage going forward. I may regret that decision; everyone else may regreat it as will:-)

    Thanks for reading the last one. Best, Joan Chevalier

    1. karenhancock

      I remember that piece, Joan. I really enjoyed it and I was pleasantly surprised to find someone writing for the Globe with the objectivity to discern the things about rural folks — and the state of liberal bias — that you did ! LOL. I’m looking forward to reading your next piece, and investigating your site. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to get on, yet. Since I’m certain I’m not the only one you’ve contacted today, I suspect the site’s servers are being overloaded.

      1. Joan Chevalier

        Hi Karen – Sorry I just noticed this. The piece is at this address Not sure why it didn’t work.

        As the dismissal of town hall protestors continues unabated in D.C. and elsewhere, I think the piece is is still pertinent. The hypocrisy of liberals here is staggering — apparently, we cannot stand to be on the receiving end of a little revolution.

        You can also google me Joan Chevalier speechwriter ususally does it. On Linked IN, I’m the Joan Chevalier in a cowboy hat:-).

        Thanks for responding. I kind of thought I was just sending a note to you personally, but it’s nice of you to put it on your website Best Joan C.


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