Global Warming and the Ten Plagues

Oh. My. Goodness….

The latest from the Global warming front…

Scientists have ascertained that the ten plagues of the Exodus which occurred, oh, about 3500 years ago, had nothing to do with God but were the product of a volcano and… you guessed it… Global Warming.


Surely they are kidding. They’ve got to be kidding. The Nile turned to blood? Caused by climate change? Why, yes, of course… The warm dry weather, they say, caused the river to become a slow-moving muddy watercourse, which in turn encouraged the growth of toxic freshwater algae called Burgundy blood algae. The toxic algae overstressed the frogs causing them to grow suddenly to adulthood, and leave the waters of the Nile all at once. Then as they died, they drew flies and mosquitoes and lice, which, as known disease vectors led to sick cattle and boils in people (why not boils in the cattle and sick people?) Meanwhile, 400 miles away, a volcano erupted accounting for the plagues of hail, locusts and darkness.

Unfortunately, all this conjecturing is based on a dry spell and volcano that occurred/erupted around 3000 years ago, during the reign of Pharaoh Rameses the Second, who ruled between 1279 BC and 1213 BC. Which is the dating for the Exodus accepted by those who don’t think the Bible is inerrant. I opt for the 1446 BC dating accepted by those who do think the Bible is inerrant. I Kings 6:1 says the Temple was begun 480 years after the Exodus. Since we know the Temple was started in 966 BC, that puts the Exodus at 1446 BC . There’s also the perhaps too subtle clue in the fact that the Pharoah’s name at that time was not Ramses, but…ahem… Thutmose. Or Thutmosis, as it is alternatively spelled. Mose, Mosis, Moses…

Thutmose I was the father of Hatshepsut and also, by a “minor wife,” the father of Thutmose II, who became the “fully royal” Hatshepsut’s consort. This half-brother/half-sister pair had a daughter Neferure.Thutmose II also fathered a son, Thutmose III, by his own lesser wife, though DNA analysis indicates Thut 3 was not actually the son of Thut 2, so the lesser wife must have been fooling around… And most likely “the fully royal” wife Hatshepsut knew it.

Thus it seems to me that Hatshepsut was most likely the Pharoah’s daughter mentioned in Exodus. She doesn’t seem to have been terribly happy about being married to Thutmose II, and seems to have been the real power behind his reign. Wikipedia says that Thutmose III “would have succeeded as the only male heir under typical circumstances. [He] was born to a secondary wife or concubine of [his]father and was a youth at the time of his father’s death.[2] After the death of their father, a marriage between Neferure and her half-brother would have assured his place in the royal succession, but events led to his becoming only a co-regent for a long time before he became pharaoh.” Thutmose III was probably the Pharoah that Moses ran away from after killing the Egyptian who’d been beating a Hebrew.

Wikipedia doesn’t say what the events that led to Thut 3 being co-regent, but I think the story in Exodus where Pharoah’s daughter finds baby Moses and takes him in as her own makes sense when considered in light of the events outlined above. In Hebrews, we’re told that Moses, “by faith, when he had grown up refused to be called the son of Pharoah’s daughter…” that is, he was being groomed to be her successor, most likely to marry Neferure so that the false son of Thut 2 would never ascend to the throne…

None of which has anything to do with the Global warming theory, but IS interesting. And, as I said earlier, supports the 1446 BC dating of the Exodus. Which is NOT when the scientists’ volcano erupted.

Oh, and the deaths of the first-born? Fungus in the grain. The first-born males would have had first pickings, say the scientists, and thus died first — instantly, I would guess, if they were to save those who ate after them. I’m not sure if the first-born of the cattle would fall under this first pickings rule, either, so this supposed evidence is even more lame than the rest. Especially since none of the Jews who put the blood on their doorposts sustained any losses. How was it the slaves got the unfungus-infected grain and the royals did not?

Why do people have to tie themselves into knots in order to not believe that the Bible is true and that God can do miracles? They put on this facade of objectivity and intelligence and open-mindedness, and come up with the most convoluted, laborious and ultimately absurd explanations full of coincidences and challenging their own laws of statistics and then expect other people to be impressed. Well, of course, I know why: “The fool has said in his heart, there is no God…”

If you want to read the article itself, it’s here.

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  1. Gayle

    Can there be any doubt about the foolishness of the global warming crowd? I find it interesting that the ten plagues God used against Egypt called to account the gods of their pagan religion. They worshiped the river. It turned to blood and so on it went. Our mighty God hammered them with the fact that their gods had no power. And now, thousands of years later, we live in a world that is back to the worship of many of those same gods that Egypt worshiped. Save a beetle, save a rat, save this or that of nature. The more things change the more they remain the same! No there is no doubt they are fools!

  2. William Blanton

    Dear Karen,

    Time has away of giving the objective thinkers of this crazy world something to think about: That through time “that there is nothing new under the sun”. The constant pressures from the cosmic system and its practitioners have not, “and” (I love that conjunction) will not cease, even during the thousand years of prefect environment — that one would think at the very least — would inspire even the slightest notion of “objective reality” with-in the so called Scientific community. The pervasiveness of Pantheistic Evolutionary Ideology on the scientific stage, therefore, the collegiate arenas that function as a “Petri Dish” for its continued propagation into the minds of the next generation of (as Robert most appropriately mentioned as) “Clowns in Satins Circus” is the manifestation of only one group of these unfortunates. They come in many sizes and shapes, as it were, and unfortunately I should add that this cancer has infected our very own family as well.

    The many forms of “watered down” creation week theory ( gap theory, progressive evolutional build up and many more) that are coming from some of the more popular Christian organizations of the day is very disheartening, and can be a tremendous distraction if not placed in its proper “slot” in the advancing Priests list of priorities. As an old friend of ours would say “Lead, Follow, or get the hell out of the way” seems to be apropos when considering the complexities of this subject. Thankfully, there is a group of highly capable Christian Scientists that are taking this fight right into the Lions den; and just beating the tar of them with their own so called “Data”. Their organization is called “The Institute for Creation Research” and they have a graduate school on the campus of the university of (where else) Texas at Dallas and they are a wonderful, courageous, highly intelligent group of scientists’ from all over the globe, and in many, if not all, of the major disciplines. They take the fight right to its source, the college campus, scientific gatherings, and corporate environments and challenge the evolutionist to public forums of debate on some of the leading issues of evolutionary evidences and are just dong a fantastic work.

    They have a web address ( that is a tremendous asset to anyone that is so inclined, and have a wonderful list of some books that are, I must admit, a little out of my bracket of scientific understanding, but, they do have a list of some wonderful materials that are for the less inclined that I have found to be very informative, right on the money, and gracefully presented in a manor for all to read. The founders name is Dr. Henry Morris, he was the Professor Emiratis at the university of North Carolina for Geology and Hydro-Dynamics (The study of earth and water) and a very fine man as well. You know . . . if I was a betting man, I suppose I’d bet on Doc Morris being a taper — or at least on the same page — for some of the text in his books, the strength of his varsity, and dogmatic presentations of the truth are very refreshing and I would encourage anyone to go to the address and have the wonderful opportunity to view the front lines of the scientific war that has been waging for, what would seem a very long time. “And” (There is that conjunction again) to find a tremendous resource of some of the more complex issues that are facing the world today, i.e. Genetics, Carbon Dating, Atomics and Partial Physics to name a few. Furthermore, I would encourage all to make mention of these fine “Christian Solders” of our family in our prayers; and especially when they ask for it in up coming debates, presentations to the Texas Board of Education that is constantly under fire to have them somehow reduced, and just about anything else that they might have in mind.

    See you kid-o . . .

    1. karenhancock

      Thanks for the comment, William. Actually, I ascribe to the Gap Theory, as do Col Thieme (see his book, Creation, Chaos and Restoration) and Pastor Bob, so I’m not sure what you mean about it being a “watered down” form of creation week theory. I did a post on it which is still up on my old blog here:

      You might also be interested in reading my other posts on the subject of Evolution which were sparked by the generation and release of my latest book The Enclave, which can be found here: Or if you go to the link for my post the Gap theory that I just mentioned, you can click on the category of evolution in the side bar to the right of the text.

  3. William Blanton

    Dear Karen:

    “Theories” . . .just as mentioned, have absolutely Zero ability to serve the furtherance of the truth; weather they are accurate or not. “Theories” have this way of becoming something of a life of their own, providing the enemy with further ammo to confuse, convolute, and use the uneducated, easily influenced, and often over zealous subscribers to “the Theory”

    The literal acceptance of exactly what the scriptures state, even when something may or may not seem to fit, should be the order of the day. If the Lord saw fit to make the worlds in a week, I can not imagine that this would be out-side of His capabilities, both to effect and to explain to us in one of the most fundamental arguments that the “Circus of Satan” has . . .” has to use:

    “How could this all be done in a literal week, that is non-sense, hey look at this”

    is his most effectual argument to the leading “Smart People” of the world. “And” (there is my favorite conjunction again ) who does the press listen to? Who does the educational institutions listen to, and who is standing in the halls of the media, the halls of the powerful, and the place of decision??? Mmmmmm?????

    And hear is the echoes of the “hoi polloi” in response:

    “And if the Lord can not tell you the truth about his abilities to create and explain it to us effectively, then perhaps the rest it is some sort of fabrication as well”.

    That is what is happening to our scientist today that are not coming up with fantasy, but rather fighting a war on truth, a war that will not end, and until the Lord personally offers any further clarifications as to the “Creation Week”, we should stick to the scriptures, don’t you agree??? and if the Lord say that he made the world in one week . . . .Well???

    Karen, I encourage you to read some of the information from these people that are doing a tremendous work and need both our prayers and support, because as you very well know “the more that is given, the more that will be requires” and that goes for what is up-stairs for sure . . .”the smarter the man, the more difficult the road” and these men need our prayers for continuance of purpose, grace of presentation, protection from the unseen, and humility of self, for without the Christian Scientists standing in the gap . . .who’s left??? The fantastic???

    See you . . .


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