Some Writing Happened

I have to put it that way. I don’t feel like I “wrote”. It just happened. Of course, writing happens everyday, since I usually write something… in one journal or another. But not on Sky.

Today I kept thinking about going into the office and doing something, but… didn’t. Until around 2:40, when I decided to just try a micro step: “Just go write a paragraph,” I told myself. “Or even a sentence. Or just resolve one issue. Then you can quit.” So I went in and did that. And somehow that opened the doors and I moved through five pages of chapter 1. This is not first draft, this is first draft repair. As in try to shape it so it actually makes sense. Try to answer all the questions in the margins like, if So and So is so good at prognosticating, why didn’t he predict this very obvious and inevitable result of existing political tensions? If Whatshisname is terrible in a crisis why did all his superiors leave him in charge when they had to know a crisis was brewing? Should he be wimpy or just ornery? Why is this other guy Chief of Security for a religious enclave? Would a religious enclave have  a “Security” force? If so, why?

And so on.

But… five pages. And they just came. I’m quite pleased.

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