My Favorite Super Bowl Commercial

Yes, I watched this year’s Super Bowl, though I’m only mildly interested in football. But my hubby went off to the exercise club and left it on so I could watch the commercials. So that’s what I sat down to do. Mostly I thought they were… meh.  They made me feel alienated from our culture. I do realize they are not aimed at me. However… one of them stood out. It had to be my favorite simply because of its name:  Go Run, Mr. Quiggly! Plus I think it’s funny.

If you didn’t see it… here it is. Of course, as most of you know, my Mr. Quigley  spells his name differenlty and doesn’t look anything like than this one.

4 thoughts on “My Favorite Super Bowl Commercial

  1. Rebecca LuElla Miller

    I laughed and laughed at the Audi commercial showing the headlights as bright as the sun, and disintegrating all the vampires.

    I also laughed at the Doritos commercial of the dog slipping the man a bag of chips for not giving up the run-away cat.

    But for the most part, I’m with you, Karen. I felt disconnected from our culture and even commented my sister that commercials made me realize how our society is falling further into degradation, and we make it a point of jokes. Even that Doritos commercial I mentioned — the punch line was the man lying to his wife.


    1. karenhancock

      Hmmm, I thought the dog had buried the cat… Maybe I wasn’t paying good attention. The vampire one was clever, too, in a creepy sort of way…


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