Remembering Last Summer: Barah Ministries Arizona Conference

It’s 10:55pm Sunday night. I’ve not worked on Sky for three days. Or at least not directly, though I’ve continued to read and study about the seven churches in Revelation 2 and 3 — a study that unexpectedly has been paralleled by Pastor Farley’s lessons this last week. I love it when God does that.

But I’m tired now, and information about the churches is still rolling about in my head in disparate pieces, so I thought I’d put up a post I did last summer about the Bible conference I attended that, for one reason or another I never got around to publishing… kind of a walk down memory lane, especially since it occurred just a couple weeks over a year ago, when we were in the middle of trying to sell my mother’s house. Thus, in the interest of getting to bed before midnight tonight, I give you my report on the 2011 Barah Ministries Bible Conference held at Wild Horse Pass Resort near Phoenix:


On Thursday, May 13, over two months ago now, and a week after my car wreck on the morning of the yard sale, I went to Phoenix for a Bible conference. It was the day after we met with the realtor to finalize plans for my mother’s house going up for sale. My sister went home to Santa Fe, and I took off in my little gas-efficient rental car for the Wild Horse Pass Resort where the Barah Ministries Bible Conference was being held.

This conference, hosted by Pastor Rory Clark of Barah Ministries, featured two invited guest speakers, Pastor John Farley (who is my pastor now) and Pastor Robert McLaughlin (who was my pastor for over ten years until last fall). The latter man was the main reason I went. He urged us in January 2011 to attend and I believe I made my reservations in February, not at all sure I’d even be able to go given the situation with my mother at the time. But I gave it a shot nonetheless. If God wanted me there, He’d find a way. I never would have guessed the way He found, but that’s hardly surprising.

Anyway, the conference officially started Friday, but I went up Thursday afternoon. Being the introvert that I am, I know that even a two-hour drive through bright sun will zap my energy and I did not want to arrive zapped before I’d even heard a word of teaching. I drove up alone, listening to my June Murphy Come See a Man CD (you can find it here) — she writes and sings all her own songs and they are amazing. Filled with doctrine, and they won’t leave your head after you start listening to them! My favorite is  I Will…. or is it I AM…?  or…When I Say I Love You…  Wait, I really like Come See a Man, too. Okay, forget it. They’re all favorites.

Anyway, going early is always fun, because you run into old friends you haven’t seen since the last conference, and there’s lots of opportunity to meet and visit. My friends Kelli and Richard arrived shortly after I did, and we all got settled, then went to dinner and after that Kelli and I went out and lay on the lounge chairs by the pool (see picture above), looked at the stars and listened to the Bible class that had been taught earlier that same night in Massachusetts (where they held their own little mini conference in Pastor’s absence.) It was awesome. Listening to teaching about God while looking up into the vault of heaven was quite an experience.

Wild Horse Pass Resort Lobby

The next morning I got up early, went down to the great rotunda (see the photo above) and got a latte and a muffin (they had no scones 🙁 ) and ate it by the giant window overlooking the pool, man-made river and golf course.  Below is a shot of the ceiling. There were birds flying about inside as well. And the rocks to the right are an indoor waterfall. Random Native American flute music plays here pretty much all the time.


After I’d finished my muffin and latte, and written a bit in my journal, I set out to explore the grounds, eventually finding a place under a cottonwood tree where I could sit down and finish doing my morning pages.

It was a beautiful morning in a beautiful setting and I loved the opportunity to just sit and enjoy the stillness. It had been a long time since I’d been able to relax and not have to worry about running off somewhere to take care of something…

After I finished my pages, I headed back toward my room, and on the way found a heron fishing in the stream that runs right by the hotel rooms.


Here’s a close up:


(I’d just gotten started using my new camera back then and was tickled to death with the close-ups I could get)

The conference started at 10am and was excellent as all of them are. There is always so much going on, from the doctrine taught, to the happenstance meetings in the halls, to the long talks over lunch or in hotel rooms… It’s just a wonderful time to fellowship with God’s people, drink in His word in concentrated doses, strengthen old connections and make new ones.

And now, back to this summer, June 2012 — I have a new conference to look forward to in a couple months in Portland. Already have my tickets. Can’t wait to see everyone! And to see what lessons God has prepared for me there.


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