Endorsements: Romney vs Obama

So on the one hand we have those who have endorsed Gov Romney for President:

Anti-communist hero Lech Walesa

the People of Israel

42 Congressional Medal of Honor Winners

and the Small Business Owners of America

And on the other we have those who have endorsed President Obama for re- election:

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin (some say also head of the KGB) who called Obama an “honest man who really wants to change much for the better.”

Venezuela’s dying dictator and megolomaniac Hugo Chavez (“I’d vote for you and you for me.”)

and the Communist Party of America

Hmm. Wonder which one I should choose…

2 thoughts on “Endorsements: Romney vs Obama

  1. Ricardo

    I consider the entire fight to be a farce. Not only is Romney a leader in an anti-Christian religious cult, he is one of the more profound liars I’ve ever seen in politics. That’s not saying he is worse than Obama, but I would put them around equal. The only difference is, perhaps, somewhat different political views. Both of these men really represent the pitiful spiritual condition of America today. Obama is most likely an atheist, who can barely bring himself to utter the name of God, and when he does only gives Him lip service and uses him for his own ends. He is a liar and a cheat. Mitt Romney believes himself on the path to become a god. Has shown hostility to Christians (Sarah Palin was sabotaged by Romney’s campaign within and without McCain’s camp prior to the 08 election, probably so Mitt wouldn’t have to wait 8 years), and most likely shares in his faith’s superiority complex over everyone and everything since they believe they possess the holy Priesthood, and famous Mormons tend to be offered a secret “second” anointing where they believe themselves bestowed with Pope-like and super-prophet powers to open up heaven and close up heaven if they ever bothered to try.

    Nevertheless, both these men are self-righteous, shallow, having the look of righteousness but lacking the power thereof. I am of the firm belief that we have these “choices” for the very simple fact that Americans, and Christians today, trust men moreso than God. So God gives us up to wicked men to rule us.


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