Slowly Returning

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I think.

At least that’s the plan.

I’ve been “on staycation” for about two months now, with posting here pretty sporadic.

A lot of stuff has happened. Most recently the shingles came back to my eye, and for the last three weeks I’ve been dealing with that, complicated by the fact that I seem to be reacting adversely to the antiviral the doctor wants me to take.

We had a wedding here of one of “our own,”,that is one of the members of our local congregation, a young lady who happened to be one of the students in my Sunday School class, and went on to become one of my dear friends.

Friends and family came in for the event, and such things always cram a lot of things into a very short time, where you spend days after recovering, not only from the simple exhaustion of late nights, longish drives and lots of talking, but having your head and heart full of wonderful moments that surface in a disjointed parade of memories afterward. (See my Introvert post, Static and the Need to Recharge, about needing to “process” the sudden high-volume of “deposits” that have been made into your soul)

At the same time as this was happening, my hubby was away elk hunting, and I had full charge of walking Quigley. (I don’t usually walk him every day — we take turns.) Hubby returned successful, so then we had, well, A LOT of meat to deal with. YAY! (We were completely out of wild game and I detest store-bought hamburger, and am not much fonder of ground turkey…) He did most of the work, but the kitchen and refrigerator were commandeered for about a week, I think, which was… distracting at a minimum.

Then there was the matter of my car failing its emissions test, twice, and various  trips to the repair shop, until finally it was decided that we could get a waiver on the whole thing. And all of this pretty much happening concurrently.

So it’s not really been the most “restful” staycation, and it’s not like I’ve had nothing to do but play… though I have managed a bit of that.  In fact, I actually went on 2 Artist’s dates!  And  yes, a month ago or so, I picked up the next Artist’s Way book, Vein of Gold, and started working through it…  only to stop not far in as the Lord took me off in another direction… but that, I think, is for another post.

In fact, I’ve already written a good deal more than I had thought I would. I just wanted to take a tiny step back toward regular blogging, and here I’ve got a full-sized post already. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Slowly Returning

  1. Karen

    It’s encouraging to note that I’m not the only one getting delayed.

    The pastor pointed out today, Thanksgiving, that a lot of our complaining is about things that are just part of life. When I read your post, it connected the dots for me. You get delays, I get delays, that’s part of life so don’t let in discouragement because that doesn’t need to be part of my life. That’s where I get really bogged down and loose a lot of time.

    1. karenhancock

      Good points, Karen. God’s been taking my thinking in a similar direction, as well: My times are in HIS hands and He allows these things to enter. Stop with the complaining and discouragement and frustration and recognize it’s all part of His perfect plan.

    1. karenhancock

      Yes, we are well aware of that. 🙁 And of the fact that we must inform anyone we might want to sell the car to that it’s already had its waiver… but time had run out and there was little we could do. The dealership wanted something like $1600 to fix (ie replace) just the diagnostic console. Turns out Stu fixed that yesterday with the insertion of new bulbs for under $10 — previous shop repair workers had solved the problem of the check engine light coming on by taking out the bulbs!

      In any case, the real problem is most likely a leak somewhere in the system… which is what the initial failed emissions test indicated.



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