Growing an Amaryllis Bulb: Day 14 – 25

At 20 days, the buds began to open:



By Day 21 it was really starting to look like an amaryllis (notice there is now a third stalk and bud!) :


And by Day 25, it was fully flowering.


But the thing is, this all happened in a period of 25 days, whereas the bulb had been sitting around in a box on some store shelf for who knows how long. Doing nothing whatsoever. Even so, all the energy, all the food, all the instructions for the plant itself were there inside that bulb, utterly invisible from the outside.

And that’s the illustration the Lord has been using with me for the past three months in a veritable barrage of forms. The story I’m writing is “there”. The work that’s being done on it, is being done out of my sight and my awareness, but it is being done. I have only to believe that… believe that He is at work… (and present myself at the desk), and in time the work will flower as surely as the amaryllis did.

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