Aunties to the Rescue

Yes, it’s yet another baby elephant video, but this one is not of our Nandi at the Reid Park Zoo. Instead, it is of  an Indian elephant baby at the Zurich zoo, who falls on his back trying to climb onto a ledge. The adults immediately rush to his aid.  I was blown away by their speed and the way they worked together…. And the more I’ve watched this the more I think neither of the two was even the baby’s mom, but rather the “aunties.” Mom seems to come up afterward and is the one he ends up standing under when it’s all over.

I love God’s infinitely fascinating and even mind-blowing creation:


1 thought on “Aunties to the Rescue

  1. Heather Bee

    Oh my goodness that was beautiful! The way the “auntie” (:>) elephants rushed over, both so intent on the babies care, both “showing” the baby the safe way out, all staying together for a few minutes afterwards… But I think my favorite is when mom and baby touch trunks. I couldn’t help but wonder if that first exchange was purely tactile, or perhaps a “sharing of breaths” :).
    God bless you Karen 🙂


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