Catching up on Nandi

Nandi and pumpkin small

With the holiday season I haven’t had as much time as much time as I’d like to visit Nandi the baby elephant at Tucson’s Reid Park Zoo.

My last trip was in December on a  Thursday morning before grocery shopping. Got there just as the gates were opened. She was jumping and hopping, taunting her brother Sundzu frequently, doing all kinds of crazy things with her trunk:  flinging it about, putting hay in her mouth, only to spit is out, mimicking the adults as they flung dust or mud on their sides (though she doesn’t fling anything — I don’t think she has a clue what they’re doing…) It’s all fascinating and as always I loved it all.

This 30 second video was made back in October 2014. Nandi was just starting her thing for climbing over the logs in her enclosure. (Oh, and at the end, where she and another elephant are sharing caresses with their trunks — that’s Mabu, her dad, with her. I didn’t realize it the first few times I watched it. Until I noticed his tusk.)

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