Age-Activated Attention Deficit Disorder

I’ve just spent over half an hour searching for a previous post I sort of remember writing concerning the problems of aging and how one is so easily distracted by… well.. everything, it would seem. The material for the post derived from a book I’d read in the last two or so years called “Where Did I Put My Glasses?”  (Or was it “Where Did I Leave my Glasses?“)  It’s a book on the normal memory loss adults experience as they age, and it described my experience to a T.

I wanted to draw from the post to introduce the following video on the same subject, so I suppose it is utterly appropriate that I didn’t find it!  Every time I watch this piece, it gets funnier. Probably because I relate sooo well. Yes!  I’m thinking, as I listen to her. That’s just how it is! I’ve been busy all day and yet…

It’s also British, which for me makes it even funnier, but you may have to listen closely to get by the accent, especially at the beginning. Enjoy…


3 thoughts on “Age-Activated Attention Deficit Disorder

  1. Heather Bee

    Bwah hah hahaha haaaaa! This is my life! And I am so grateful to know it clearly happening around the world! :-D!!!! So now maybe it’s true and I really don’t have dementia 😉

    I’m sharing this with my whole family! Thank you for sharing this!


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