Loss of Subscriber List…Or maybe not…

Well, I seem to have shot myself in the foot over the last few months. When you don’t stay current in the Internet world, everything changes. When you really lag behind on implementing current developments, you get so left behind you almost can’t catch up — or so it seems right now, seeing as that’s what has happened to me. For some reason Feedblitz had divided my blog subscriber list into two lists, one of which I lost last night by clicking on the wrong button … but, suddenly today when I started to write this post, a message popped up directing me to Feedblitz, where I discovered my list had merely been paused, not deleted. I think. Anyway, I reactivated it, so perhaps this post will go out after all.

Life has been full and moving fast, but I haven’t given up on The Other Side of the Sky. At the moment I have seventeen chapters of narrative. Looks like I may have another multi-volume work on my hands. Big Surprise there. First task is to read it all. Which I will…er…plan…er… HOPE to begin tomorrow. And since I’m not altogether sure this post is going to go anywhere, despite how it seems, I’ll keep it short.

6 thoughts on “Loss of Subscriber List…Or maybe not…

  1. Gregory Kurtz

    I received your ‘lost list’ post. I am glad to know that you are still writing. Still re-read the ‘Guardian King’ series every so often. It still has a big impact on me.

  2. Pam Hogue

    I’m so glad to know that you are still around and writing. I just finished rereading “The Guardian King” for the third or fourth time and am missing Abramm and Maddie this week! I have recently introduced my new DIL to your works and hope she will be as challenged and blessed as I have been.


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