And the Weirdness Goes On

Here are some photos of my other weird rose “blooms,” all on the same bush:

So I did a bit of research and eventually found out that certain fertilizers can be the cause. It just so happens I’d run out of my rose specific Miracle Gro fertilizer and couldn’t find any more in local stores. Instead I had to settle for “All Purpose Plant Food” that included roses in the long list of plants it would work with. Here’s another shot:

As days went by and more and more of the prolific buds unfurled, all of them warped in some way, I finally tried the internet again, and this time hit pay-dirt. It turns out that with roses, all purpose fertilizers can cause the plant to go bonkers and pretty much do what mine is doing. It recommends that I cut off the weird blooms and use a fertilizer specific to roses.

I want to fix this so it’s normal again, thus following the instructions I’d found, I cut off the weird blooms, watered the plant well and am waiting. So far, among the other blooms getting ready to unfurl, most of them are looking normal. But time will tell…

1 thought on “And the Weirdness Goes On

  1. Sheila Cone

    Still beautiful flowers. Love the color. I know nothing about gardening, lol, but I hope the new buds are normal.


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