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The Second Cataract

Well, I didn’t intend to let the entire week pass without posting, but once again, all my time and energy were taken up with the second round of cataract surgery, which began last Tuesday with pre-0p eye drops. Wednesday was the surgery day, across town, and she was a bit more out of it after the sedative wore off than before so I stayed with her til mid afternoon. Plus we had the whole drop schedule to fit in that day after the surgery.

This time I’m not having to do drops five times a day, only three, as my mother has learned to do her own with the drops she doesn’t have to worry about using up. The antibiotic drops, which come in a teeny bottle (“teeny” being smaller than “tiny,” you understand), cost $74 with insurance, and have to do for both eyes. Since she had a history of missing her eye with the drops, and friends told her they measure out the drops on a how-many-days-needed basis, I’m doing those. It’s all going pretty well. Only two more days of this regimen left.

She’s finally seeing better without her glasses than with them, and only uses them to read. It’s nice to start having a payoff for all the trouble she’s been through.

I’m hoping to get back to work on Sky tomorrow! That would be a novel experience. LOL!