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Attention Kindle Owners

In all the craziness of last week, I forgot to make this very important announcement. If you’ve got a Kindle or know someone who does, you can download a copy of The Light of Eidon, the first book in my Legends of the Guardian King series for free. Yes, for free. $00.00

It’s a new marketing strategy from BHP to see if they can stimulate interest, and get readers to buy the remaining three volumes, all of which are also available on Kindle now, for $9.99 each. Or you can purchase the hard copies (still) if you prefer for a dollar or so more. I spoke to my editor about the whole “out of print” thing and I guess the way it works is they just continue to sell the books they’ve already printed and when they finally run out, that’s the end. As it stands, they apparently haven’t run out yet since hard copies are still available at Amazon.

So far, The Light of Eidon has picked up three new reviews thanks to the Kindle promotion, though one of them I could do without. 🙂 

Go here to order/download.