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Cool Dude

Quigley in Disguise

Yes, that’s Quigley. In disguise. I think he actually likes to wear it. Or maybe it’s just anticipation of the treat he gets afterward. No, I’m sure he likes doing the tricks first.  Those of you who were reading this blog when we first got Quigley might appreciate just how amazing it is that he will allow the bandana and sunglasses to even be put on him, let alone wait patiently for me to take his picture!

Spring Flowers

Everything seems to be in bloom and our desert is so beautiful now, I decided to share a bit of it through some pictures I took when my husband and I went on a hike to Picacho Peak, a little north of Tucson. This was a number of years ago, during another fantastic wildflower season, and since I never seem to remember to take the camera when I’m out (not that I’ve been out all that much!) I thought I’d share these, since they are similar. Also, they are of places we can no longer visit, since, given the state of Arizona’s economy, they have closed the park to visitors.