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200 Mile Relay Race

Well, somehow another week has passed and I haven’t managed to get a post up. We had a sort of mini-Bible conference over the weekend, with close friends coming into town to visit. All very exciting and stimulating, but also exhausting.

Anyway, none of that has anything to do with the title of this post, so I’ll get off the update and on with the post…

Recently my husband was invited to participate in a 200 mile relay race. He will be on a team of 12 runners, each of whom will do three legs of varying distances and difficulty. My husband has one “very hard” leg, one “hard” leg and one “easy” one. The hard and very hard legs account for 15.5 of his total 19.7 miles. The entire race is expected to take about 27 hours. There will be two vans for the team to bring each runner to the “exchange points” between legs.

As part of preparing for this race, one of his friends sent him the following video of a “typical conversation between a runner about to do a relay race and a non runner”. It’s done via the same animation program that was used for the “I Don’t Care –Obama is Awesome”  clip I posted some time ago.

We watched it together the other night and laughed our heads off, so I thought I’d share it. The details given by the animated runner are more or less consistent with what my husband will be doing, except for the price — though he did have to pay for the privilege of running. (Nor will he be a part of one of those “Ultra” Teams, either). The questions asked and exclamations uttered by the non runner pretty much parallel my own, as the non runner in our family.

Thus, without further ado: