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Seagull Makes Video of Sunset

Perhaps you’ve seen this already, but if not… A seagull snatched the camera from a tourist in San Francisco and filmed the sunset over the Golden Gate Bridge. The tourist ran along the shore following the gull as best she could and found the camera on the sidewalk where the bird left it, then uploaded the footage to You Tube.

Pretty funny, I think. It’s clear it was taken by the bird, as well.

Arizona Gold

Fall sunset 3

Last week as I was driving home from my mothers, the sky turned to rivers of gold above me. It had faded somewhat by the time I got home and brought out the camera, but was still impressive so I took a couple of shots. Just moments before though, the whole sky was the same gold as what’s in the distance. I don’t think a camera can really capture it anyway — the instensity and sparkle never seems to make it through the translation to digital.