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An Inspiring Video

My agent posted the following video on his blog last Friday.  It made him laugh.

It made me laugh, too. And in the days that have followed I’ve found myself going back to it over and over. In some strange way it’s been inspiring me to write. I don’t know why exactly. I can definitely relate, though my reactions are a bit more dramatic than hers. In my office there is a lot of staring at the ceiling, then frantic typing, then more staring, then sighing, pushing away from the desk, more staring at the ceiling, more typing. Then the part where I bury my face in my hands and cover my eyes,  so I can’t see the screen… I talk a lot  more too… And not to Quigley, though he sometimes thinks I am.

Still, I think it’s the understatment in this one that makes it funny. Particularly in light of its title: The Excitement of the Writing Profession.

I especially like the “thinking” part. 🙂


UPDATE: Sadly, the creator of this video has changed the settings to “private” so it’s no longer viewable. I might just have to make my own…

Make my own????