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The picture above is one I took years ago while visiting Chaco Canyon National Historical Park at the invitation of a friend who was working for the Park Service there. The whole place was amazing, filled with stark landscapes, windswept vistas  and amazing ruins that years later provided the inspiration for the settings of several of my books, including my first one, Arena.

Now, ten years after Arena’s publication, Bethany House repackaged it in paperback, making it available to a new generation of readers in hardcopy as well as in ebook format.  And this month, on December 23-24, they are making the latter (ebook)  available for free. So if you haven’t read it, you’ll soon have a chance to try it for nothing!

New Cover

New Cover

And even if you should miss the Christmas deadline for the free ebook, it will still be available at a discounted rate through the month of January.

“The genuinely enthralling mix of adventure, romance, and vivid imagery fused with spiritual symbolism invites readers to lose themselves in Hancock’s imaginary world… engrossing and well-paced.”  ~Christianity Today

Plagued by fear and disillusionment, Callie Hayes volunteers for a psychology experiment that promises to turn her life around. Unnerved by the mounting evasiveness of the research workers, however, she soon changes her mind and asks to be released from the project. To her horror, the workers refuse, dropping her instead into a terrifying alien world amidst an ongoing battle between good and evil. With limited resources and only a few cryptic words to guide her, she embarks on a journey that will change her life forever. Will she decipher the plans the Benefactor has established for her escape, or will she succumb to the deception of the Arena?

“In evangelical fiction’s best science fiction of the year, Hancock works out a progression of faith by trial somewhat like Pilgrim’s Progress. But she departs from the conventions of allegory to draw her characters in depth, and the flora and fauna of her arid alien landscape are carefully thought through.”  ~Booklist Top Ten Christian Novels 2002

“A classic in the making for the modern era.” ~ Library Journal

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