Freedom for Security

Today I was reading in one of my husband’s technical magazines about new techonology being developed that would enable hundreds of thousands of law enforcement investigators to collect and share information on suspects, crimes investigations, etc. Users are expected to be able to make several million queries a day. Law enforcement agencies will work together better than ever to catch criminals and stop terrorists before they commit terror. (Sorry, couldn’t resist)

As I read I thought, that’s nice, but what if the criminals were “enemies of the state?” I thought that because I’ve recently been reading about Soviet Gulags and how those came about. (Criminals were the minority.)  It doesn’t have to be that you’re Christian, just that you are opposing in some way the dominant political party.  How fast our techology and applications are being put in place to enable something like the mark of the beast in Rev 13 to work in real time!

Some may believe there is a conspiracy of wealthy Bilderbergers or Council on Foreign Relations Members or mysterious Illuminati. I don’t know what I think about that. It’s possible, but it doesn’t matter because I know for certain that at least one conspiracy exists and that’s the one sponsored by the Kingdom of Darkness. When you read about law enforcement working together to keep us safe from criminals and terrorists that seems like a good thing. Those pesky terrorists will have no place to hide! But neither will anyone else. That may not be troubling if you think that no one will ever be after you, but as I said earlier, what if they came because you’re Christian? It’s happening already in China and in Muslim countries and it has down through the ages. Why couldn’t it happen here? And we know from Revelation that it’s going to happen in the Tribulation during their one world government under the Antichrist. Don’t worship the beast, don’t wear his mark and you’re toast.

Who would have thought it would be backwards jihadists in the mountains of Afghanistan, where the culture, education and technology remain in the dark ages that would be the catalysts of the enslavement of the citizens of the mighty United States of America? People who live in mud huts, have a pit at the side of the village for their sewage, fight with knives and guns and explosives transported on camels… who live in a world with no TV’s, cell phones, dishwashers, cars, grocery stores, Starbucks, NextCare clinics, shopping malls… Deep in this world, primitive, angry men came up with a dastardly plan to hijack airplanes and run them into tall buildings in America thousands of miles away… and now we’re all afraid. Now we need security, need to be sure that we can control who gets on planes, who walks into terminals…

Speaking of which… the same magazine also mentioned a technology that mixed bioemetrics and RFID devices (Radio Frequency Identification) to give us the abilty to quickly identify people from afar and in large numbers. These technologies could be used at border entries, military bases… concerts, rallies…churches, religious conferences… They already have cameras that can take pictures of thousands of people at a time with sufficient resolution that you can pick out and identify nearly every face in that crowd.

The website Global Indentification has an article  on how they want to use RFID devices in airports to “make airport procedures more efficient and more secure for both airlines and passengers.” Efficiency and security: two things growing ever more valuable in our modern world. We don’t want to wait and we don’t want to worry and if we have to give up a little freedom and privacy, what’s the big deal about that?

[Side note: Two years ago in July I wrote a post on RFID technology called “Getting Chipped.”  If you’re interested, you can read that here.

2 thoughts on “Freedom for Security

  1. Gayle

    Big Brother is on the move. Worry? Fear? For those whose security is in the Lord Jesus Christ, the greatest Warrior of all time, the answer is no.

  2. Karen

    As Benjamin Franklin said, “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

    I value very much the freedom that God has given me. I will trust in God for my safety.



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