A Full Weekend

Last Friday we learned that the source of the pain in my mother’s leg is cancer after all, having migrated from some lymph nodes before they were removed last year. (Which was why she had to have the chemo — to do away with any possible migrants. Obviously it didn’t get them).  I think that the bone scan a couple weeks ago probably did indicate such was the case, but not definitively so they ordered the MRI, which made it clear. There is a program of treatment proposed, but so far the only thing we have in place is an appointment with the orthopedic surgeon tomorrow morning (Tuesday).

In addition to that our son was in town with his fiancee over the weekend so we got some time to visit with them. And we had our monthly church  communion/pot luck meeting as well. Some friends from our northern Arizona  Grace Bible “annex” came down to join us and we had a wonderful time being together. 

I’ve been pretty tired today, trying to make myself go through the notes I have for Sky. They are pretty random and sometimes outright cryptic. I keep getting driven off by the lack of cohesiveness, thinking I’ll do something else (like this blog post). Thinking it’s a waste of time to read through what seems the equivalent of the phone book. At the time I was actually making the notes there were all sorts of images, connections and context in my brain to go with them, but 8 years later all that remains are the notes. Worse (for comprehension and getting to work, anyway), I’m no longer sure I want to go in the direction they seem to be going in. Though it’s hard to know how I can say this since they don’t really have any direction.

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  1. Dan the Mountain Man

    Your mother will be in my prayers. It is hard seeing someone you love dealing with Cancer.

    Congratulations to your son on his engagement. I am sure that his fiancée gives him great joy as mine does me. We are looking forward to serving Jesus as husband and wife for the rest of our lives.

    I enjoy reading your books and I hope to get The Enclave soon. Losing job earlier this year set that back a little bit but I have a new one and as soon as I get catch up with thing your book will be in my library. I looking forward to watch Sky develop into another great book.


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