2010 Tucson Arizona Bible Conference

Well, it’s conference time again, and for this one I don’t even have to leave town. The 2010 Arizona Bible Conference officially begins tomorrow, but I’ve already been down to the Doubletree Hotel to welcome arrivals… Hah! That sounds so civilized. Actually I’m jazzed to reconnect with everyone.

Familiar faces from GBC in Massachusetts, from Florida, Colorado, Wyoming, California. Met some new people from Pennsylvania and it happened again — though they were strangers, something clicked and it felt like I’d known them forever.

Went off to dinner with Mary Hugill and her family from Utah and it was wonderful to sit about in the Taco Bell talking about everything, stuff I can’t talk about with very many people. The likemindedness is such an energizer! And a reminder of what true unity is all about.

Tomorrow the teaching begins with class at 10am and 7:30 pm. Who knows what the afternoon will bring, but I expect it’ll be cool. I may or may not be able to post tomorrow, though I’m going to try. I don’t think I’ve ever done  day by day postings in the midst of a conference before, so we’ll see. Right now I have to publish this and go to bed so I won’t fall asleep in class tomorrow (ha, fat chance of that!)

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  1. Gayle

    Oh, how I wish I had been one of those arriving! But, alas, I never question God’s Plan or His timing for me. After all, we will have all of eternity together. What an awesome thought? I find myself using the word ‘awesome’ all the time. Well, He is after all an AWESOME GOD!!! What is up with the Taco Bell? Me, I would have headed to the Tortilla Factory, that is if it is still operating. I remember my uncle introducing us to the very good food there. I still have to have a green chile fix every week!


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