Wandering through the Day

Thanks to all my readers for your prayers and words of encouragement regarding the situation with my mother. I appreciate it.

Yesterday (Monday) turned out to be another day at the Cancer Center. I called first thing that morning and was directed to leave a voice mail with the scheduler for my mother’s doctor.  When I still hadn’t heard back after an hour and a half, I called again, was directed again to the voice mail, hung up, called again, asked if I could talk to the nurse, was put on hold, then told that the scheduler had sent back a message to them and they would call me back. Okay. I reminded myself that the Lord had it all under control and there was no need for me to hover around the phone — He could see that my presence and the call could coincide. So I went out and hung out laundry.

I was about to take a shower when the scheduler called and asked if we could come in at noon. So that’s what we did. The doctor did not know why my mother has the back pain, nor could he explain the sore throat, which was hyper red, something that usually presented with a viral infection, except she has no fever. He didn’t think last week’s shot would still be affecting her in that way, and suspected that “tincture of time” would likely be her best cure. He did switch her pain medication to something that wouldn’t make her sick to her stomach. And they gave her a bag of saline solution because she was dehydrated. We were there all afternoon.  I was not really all that surprised that it was nothing I had thought it might be or even that I could have thought it might be.  Given the weird inexplicable ailments that have befallen me and my dogs, why be surprised when my mother has them as well?

I finished up the day walking Quigley, doing Bible class, eating dinner and watching 24. By then I was too tired to anything for the blog. Today I slept in and though I tried to take a couple of hours working on Sky, I don’t think I had the mental/emotional energy because I only did it for an hour and then went off to get my free coffee and not-free scone at Starbucks (the bags I buy in the store have little “get a free coffee” emblem on them, and I’ve been taking advantage of it. I’m good for any excuse to go and get one of their scones. Today it was Maple Oat Pecan. Mmmmm). I never went back to Sky, but putzed around with cards, my journal, housework, a bit of organizing, some Internet reading and a couple more errands and before I knew it the day was gone.

But I will not condemn myself for “getting nothing done” because, well, that’s not even true. I did get stuff done. I just didn’t do it in the normal orderly manner. I just wandered through my day, kinda like Quigley would wander about the neighborhood from scent to scent if he were let free to so do. Is that such a bad thing? I’m beginning to think maybe it isn’t. Definitely a subject for thought.

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  1. Gayle

    Karen, His timing is everything. My prayers continue for your Mom and for you. What a compliment He is giving you? We are not to doubt His promise to never give us more than we can handle. He knows you are prepared! Some days the details of life get in the way and we need scones and coffee. He knew that! And He provided both. How awesome!

  2. Sierra

    Hi Karen. I’ve got my whole family and neighbors praying for you. God always has an answer, even if it isn’t one we want to hear. I know He will get you through this. Just take comfort in Him.

  3. Kathyj

    You wrote, “But I will not condemn myself for “getting nothing done” because, well, that’s not even true. I did get stuff done.”

    At times I condemn myself for not accomplishing everything that I think I should…but then I look back at my day and realize that I had taken in my bible study and I had focused on staying-in-fellowship throughout the day. (I made sure to confess my sins quickly when I would become involved with sin.)
    When we are at the Throne for evaluation, Jesus Christ isn’t going to tell us how many times we didn’t get the floor swept or the laundry folded, but what is important is how much time we spent in-fellowship with Him.

    If we can look back at the end of our day and see that we were consistent in our spiritual life, then we have had a good day.


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