2 thoughts on “New Interview: Moon Drenched Fables

  1. Gayle

    I am reminded that Pastor Bob taught us that we never ever, no matter our level of spiritual growth, pass out of thought testing. You mean, Lord, that this will go on for as long as I am breathing? How to cope? Get over myself. Apply Your doctrines. Yes, but you know the one that comes back time and again, because of growth and knowledge of His Word? That ugly ole black critter of “Self Righteousness” is ever present and ready to strike. Knowledge applied as wisdom does control the “critter”, but it is an on going battle. Why? As Paul said after he was years down the road, “I am still doing the things, I do not want to do”. Thankfully, yes, it is all dead!!

  2. William Blanton

    Yep . . . that’s the discipline, or should we say “Self Discipline” instead 🙂 Time and again does this come, relentlessly . . . form with-in, and from with-out now that I think of it; MMMMM . . . .

    Sometimes I go over the inevitable list of testing that is in store for all those that have an “Eye to see” and am staggered to try and find exactly where I am in this “Valley of the Shadow” of testing; not, most fortunately, that I don’t have a list. . . .Ha !! I suppose this is not uncommon to those of us that have the information, you know, to try calibrating ones position on the sea, as it were. But nevertheless, I’ve found that this too can become a form of self-righteousness as well; especially if I allow it to fester. To be able to see so far a horizon is always a tremendous blessing, however, not losing sight of the fact that this view is too, also, grace. I believe that there was a very smart man with a “view” as well, a fine Christian gentleman that authored some of the most fundamental laws that the Lord has set, said this:

    “I can see only so far . . . for, I stand on the shoulders of Giants”

    I guess Mr. Newton understood grace as well, he just didn’t have a “Bob” to help him through it, and I wonder what he might have come up with if he did . . . . MMMMMM??


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