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Today I finally got back to working on The Other Side of the Sky. This time it’s been a sixteen day gap since the last time I worked on it. But now that the wedding’s over, I think maybe I can be more regular. I still haven’t heard back from Bethany House but I’m going to keep working anyway. The Lord’s not shut it down and today I even started working on the first few pages of the Prologue, which need to be changed. Also some world building and character development. And that was after I finished cleaning off the desk and re-arranging the cards on it from a jumbled mess to something of a sequence.

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  1. William Blanton

    Dear Karen,

    Gee . . . . That’s a lovely picture, it reminds me of someone that I know; yours truly 🙂

    World building, character development . . . Hmm . . . World building and character development . . . that reminds me of someone as well, my mother, who is now enjoying the befits of all tests that came to her from this life and circumstances; being sure that a fair portion of those testing came from yours truly and was the one person in this world that I could say loved me without exception. She was an outstanding example of poise and self control, and I am lucky to have had known her for my mother, my friend, greatest critic, and the most extraordinary person that I have had the pleasure to be associated.

    You know . . .now that think of it, she had this ability, as it were, to say so much with only her eyes (that were piercingly blue) and very few words were needed thereafter to simply help the unimaginative be sure, be sure that they where either lovingly praised, interestingly inquired, or scathingly evaluated and you had better hope that she didn’t raise an eyebrow in the mean time . . .Ha . . . I loved that about her and wish that I had that same talent, it’s priceless. Perhaps that talent, if you will, could be best identified as someone we know would say: is the result of “Spiritual Self Esteem” . . . yes, character development in deed.

    Well of to work I go . . . thanks again Kid-o, it’s always a pleasure to go over “if these things abide . . .” as if I could only hope that they do. Oh and yes . . . about that “mowing of your lawn” I mentioned yesterday. . . I . . .I . . .I was thinking that I might want to re-think that, you know, it could be fairly large and I . . .I . . .well?????

    See you . . .


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