Well, I’ve been really tired today, manifested by the fact that I couldn’t make myself do anything and didn’t really even try. I’ve been thinking about things, sort of, and noticing the way my thoughts are so fragmented. I have so many things to remember to do, to deal with, to finish, to start… I’ve gotten so that I don’t even want to hear any music, just silence. I think it’s a form of overload. Drowning in details.

I did make Orange Cranberry scones this morning. 🙂  And did some Bible Study. Talked to a friend, made a card, pulled some weeds, renewed a library book… walked Quigley. Watched 24… Whoo! That is really taking some weird turns. I couldn’t believe that President Taylor went over the dark side. Lost her brain, as my husband commented.  But wasn’t that scene cool where Logan’s on one side plying her with all these self-serving reasons why she should go against her better judgement to pursue the peace process and Ethan’s on the other trying to get her to see the light? Logan is such a snake!

Anyway, obviously I don’t have any significant musings to share, so I’ll share a couple of pics instead. Here is Jethro, Quigley’s younger brother. I think he’s six or seven weeks old here.

Isn’t he cute?  I love the long ears, the wrinkly face, the big paws.

Here’s a shot of him and another of his littermates, also Quig’s sibling:

The above photo shows the breeder’s place in Litchfield Park. This is the same field where we first met Quigley and his littermates — all of whom were completely obsessed with chewing shoelaces. I just love the pups when they’re at this stage. At least, I love the way they look. Soooo cute. The needle teeth and scalpel claws I could do without.

(No, we’re not getting another pup — Heaven Forbid! — one of Stu’s friends is. We sent him pics of Quigley as an adult and he contracted the breeder about a pup. He’s been sending us regular photo updates.)

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