NJ Governor Chris Christie

I am sooo impressed by this guy, Chris Christie, governor of New Jersey, and have been for some time. Not only is he articulate and conservative, but he has courage and integrity and shows incredible leadership. Every time I hear him, my admiration increases.

In the video below, he responds to a reporter’s question about whether or not he’s going to fire the person responsible for a clerical error that caused the state to forfeit several hundreds of millions of federal education dollars. Some Obama administration bureaucrat denied the request because the wrong sheet of numbers was turned in amongst the mass of application documents. Conservative pundits are already wondering… is this because of “mindless worker-bee syndrome” or is it more insidious — punishment to Christie for being of the wrong party and for balancing the NJ state budget.

It’s not a long video, but the very best part, I think, is at the end, so watch it all the way through!

4 thoughts on “NJ Governor Chris Christie

  1. kapatt

    I enjoyed this article a lot. Christie isn’t my governor (I’m in Washington State) but several of my friends and I would love to have him (with his integrity and honesty) than the person that we have at this time. Thank you for posting the video. I’ve passed the link around to other friends who have enjoyed his attitude.

    Yes, I know he is not perfect but he is doing a good job. The only perfect man is Jesus Christ.

  2. Gayle Coble

    Good for Governor Christie. Seems the worst thing that can happen to any state in our great country is to be conservative and have a Republican governor. The Obama administration is doing all it can to punish those states. Obama has been to Texas twice and refuses to meet our governor. Of course Governor Rick Perry has made it clear he wants to speak to the President on the subject of border security. Not happening.


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