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  1. Donna Hagan

    If you care to share, what are your thoughts on these 911 Truthers? I try to consider the source and since the Hollowoodians seem to be on the frontline and the source is bitterness and hatred toward Bush – ah folks common’ get over it already – I’m thinking it’s yet another diversion at best and implosion of our country at worst. Just saying 😀

    1. karenhancock

      Sometime after the events of 9-11, I started hearing from various people whose opinions I have NO respect for (both people I know personally and out in the world) of this theory that the US Government was involved in bringing down the Trade Centers. At first I thought it was an absurd continuum of their already-in-place conspiracy theories about what our government is doing with the CFR, the Bilderburgers, the Black Helicopters, Area 51 and all that. Plus, they were all victims of Bush Derangement Syndrome even then and were more than eager to blame him for anything and everything.

      Having already read (shortly after the incident occured) a blow-by-blow account of it and how things led up to the subsequent invasion of Afghanistan (a book whose name and author I can’t recall and can’t easily find through a Google search amidst all the Bush Did It Conspiracy books, websites and articles) and having watched the planes fly into the buildings myself, plus three days of aftermath (that gave me tendonitis from sitting on the sofa watching TV too much) I didn’t doubt it happened pretty much as I observed.

      Later, after doing research on how skyscrapers were made for my own book (the one that would eventually become The Enclave), I heard Rush address the matter of the conspiracy, referencing an article in Popular Mechanics which debunked the idea that the towers had come down by any other way except the impact of the two airplanes. It’s still available here:


      I read it and found that everything they said corrolated with the information I’d already gained through my own research just on the nature and construction of skyscrapers and found it enough to convince me the attack was indeed carried out by our enemies. I’d also read or heard a listing of all the terrorist attacks that had preceded that 911 disaster, so it didn’t seem at all out of the pale that 19 jihadists should take advantage of our freedom, our complacency, our sense of security and hijack the planes and ram (some of) them into important American buildings. I also had a doctrinal friend whose son was a Naval Officer stationed in the Pentagon at the time and who was out of his office when the plane hit — thus surviving the impact, but nevertheless having to crawl out of the burning building to safety.

      Plus I really like and respect George Bush — not the perfect Conservative nor the perfect Christian, but who is? And anyway, who gets to measure what is “perfect” in the first case? God, of course, measures in the second and by that light, we know that all Christians are perfect in His sight.

      Mostly I don’t bother about all the conspiracy theories except the main one: that of the Kingdom of Darkness in their continual efforts to destroy mature and maturing Christians, the Jews, the Bible, the Gospel, the reputation of the Lord Jesus Christ, the communication of truth, and the only client nation in the world. Because even with all that, greater is He who is in me than he who is in the world, and Jesus Christ controls history. So He’s got it covered.

      1. Donna Hagan

        Thanks Karen – as always your comments and responses are more often than not backed by facts, as well as reasonable and thought provoking opinions.

        I forwarded your post to a good family friend that is involved with the 911 Truthers and quite convinced and passionate about it. Thanks.


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