Introvert Problem Solving

Earlier this week I was talking with an introvert friend of mine and we laughed about how hard it is for us to put something in the Lord’s hands and leave it there. Too often, right after we’ve done so, we take it back and start thinking about the problem and how it may be solved, recalling similar things that happened in the past and planning what we can do to avoid those things in the future… Planning that often is obviously futile from the outset. Why do we keep doing this???

That same day, as I was reading through a section of the book The Introvert Advantage by Marti Laney (one, in fact that I excerpted and posted here a few days ago), a sentence popped out at me:

“The introverts’ blood flowed to the parts of the brain involved with internal experiences like remembering, solving problems, and planning.”

Introverts’ blood follows a pathway that engages remembering, problem solving and planning — exactly what I don’t want to do when I give it to the Lord. And suddenly I see I’m wired to do this. Now it all makes sense. I’m not saying these elements are not worthy or useful — they are, in appropriate circumstances. But once you’ve put a problem in the Lord’s hands, that stuff has to be turned off. And seeing that it’s my natural, brain-wired inclination to go in that direction is not only comforting, it’s encouraging. I thought maybe it would be to one of the rest of you introverts out there. LOL!

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