Another Update

I’m a little late on today’s post because yesterday (Sunday) when I went over to check my mother’s blood pressure before going to church, I discovered her still in bed, confused, weak and speaking gibberish. I called the oncologist who said to get her to the hospital and if I didn’t think I could get her into the car, to call 911. So I called.  As I hung up, the dispatcher said to go back and be with her (we don’t have cell phones) and if anything changed to call back.

So I went back into the bedroom and discovered she was having a seizure. I tried to get her on her side and then she just stopped, eyes wide open, skin gray. I thought she was dead, freaked out, ran in to call 911 again, had to be told to take a deep breath… to go unlock the doors, then go back into the bedroom and… about then the paramedics arrived.  They took her to the nearest hospital, and that’s pretty much where I’ve been ever since. Today I’ve begun driving back and forth from the hospital to her home to make meals to bring to her, since she’s been cleared to eat and won’t accept hospital food.

Turns out it’s not a stroke, as they first thought, nor metastasis in the brain, as they thought second, but… high blood pressure. Whereas our previous hospital adventure (see my earlier update) was said to be caused by…low blood pressure, anemia and dehydration. Go figure.

They might release her tomorrow.  And that’s pretty much all I know. Except that she’s very clear about what foods she wants to eat (potato salad tonight) and very much looking forward to it.

I don’t think it’s coincidence that I just found and posted the full version of that Serenity Prayer!

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