You Never Know What a Day Will Bring


You really don’t know what a day will bring. Today, for example, I thought I would do my routines, make a card and get caught up on my various projects, maybe even look at Sky.

Instead, I took Quigley to the vet. He started having diarrhea last night late, and then all through the night. It continued through the morning, accompanied by his vomiting bile. He was not interested in eating or drinking. By God’s grace there was a slot open for us this afternoon at our vet’s office, so we went in at 3:30pm and were seen by Dr. Aimee Ratzlaff. Having recently completed her internship after graduating from Vet school, Dr. Ratzlaff was in her second week of working as an honest-to-goodness veterinarian . I’ve known her since she was born, so it was quite a treat and a blessing to have her be Quigley’s doctor.

Thankfully she didn’t think he had any foreign body obstructions that might necessitate exploratory surgery and prescribed some medications to prevent the vomiting and treat any underlying infection. We came home and had to wait an hour and a half after the anti-emetic had been given (in the clinic) and then I gave him the antibiotic and offered him some water. Ick. No thanks.

Okay, so then I got out some white rice and opened a can of chicken. That got his attention. I gave him a small bit of rice and chicken with about a cup of water and he ate it all. Now we wait an hour to see if he keeps it down. About five minutes shy of the hour, it looks like he has. So as soon as I finish here, I’ll go give him some more.

Somehow all this took up the entire afternoon and a good deal of the morning.

But all in God’s plan. Which, I’m learning, doesn’t bear a whole lot of resemblance to human plans… at least not my human plans.

3 thoughts on “You Never Know What a Day Will Bring

  1. May the K9 Spy and KC Frantzen

    So sorry Quigley.
    Glad your Mom is there for ya bud!

    Mom says the same thing – you never know what the day will bring, and these days, it’s not what she had planned at all!

    I try to help by bringing toys. (But I threw up this morning myself so… makes it difficult for Mom. I came in to tell her I was sick and she got me to the toilet before I urped, so she didn’t have to clean up. I’m thoughtful that way.)

    Our book is published and ready for shipping now, so she’s trying to work on that too, but not much gets done since G’ma is here and not feeling well. It’ll happen in the Creator’s timing. 🙂

    May the K9 Spy

  2. Mary Hugill

    Such a cute picture of Quigley! I hope he is really feeling better and how cool about Aimee being your vet!


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