Arena as an E-Book

Well!  As my title for this post indicates, I have good news.

Awhile back, when I was buried in the details of handling my mother’s estate, I signed a contract with Bethany House returning to them the rights that had reverted to me when they declared my first novel  Arena out of print. My agent had renogiated the contract so that they could re-release the novel as an e-book and as a paperback. A few weeks ago, I was contacted by my editor regarding cover ideas for the reissue of the paperback version, which I suspect won’t be available until next summer, but the e-book was set to come out any time.

I’ve been checking Amazon pretty much weekly with no change until yesterday when I  found it available for  Kindle for $9.39.  Click HERE  to see it.  It’s also available for Barnes and Noble’s Nook, HERE,  and  at Christian  as an E-book (but not until August 1), HERE for $8.99. Many readers have asked for Arena to be available as an e-book and now, finally I can say that it is. How cool is that?

Also, they are continuing to offer The Light of Eidon free as an e-book, and selling the rest of the series at a lower price per book than they do single titles. The sales have been pretty consistent, and the reviews, as I think I’ve mentioned before, have been racking up, divided between those who mostly love the series and those who were HIGHLY offended at being tricked into reading a book about Jesus. LOL.

11 thoughts on “Arena as an E-Book

  1. Lois Ann

    That is cool news! Arena is a favorite book of mine and it’s time I read it again. I love all your books. I read other science fiction/fantasy from non-christian writers and often I’m feeling cold and empty by the worlds they create. Your books are full of depth and life. You truly paint with words and with the love of Jesus! May God bless you like you’ve blessed me!

  2. kindbehindtheeyes

    I feel just the way Lois does about your books, Karen. I have not found many Christian fiction authors whose books truly benefit me spiritually. You’re one of the few! I eagerly anticipate reading your next work!

  3. Kelly K.

    Even though I have this book in paperback form I went immideatly and bought it on my kindle. It is a book that needs to be read by every Christian. Now if you could only get it in audiobook form!!! I am still waiting 🙂

    1. karenhancock

      I’d love to get it in audiobook form, and you are not the first to ask about that. Though really, I’m just blown away the Lord’s brought it back at all, in whatever form!


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