Occupy Wall Street Protesters

The National Review Online did some interviews of the protesters last week which have been posted various places. There was the “Amusing Man,” who held a hand-made cardboard sign that said “I hate stuff”. When asked about his statement he agreed with the reporter that the agendas and concerns of the people with him pretty much ran the gamut and thus had decided to come up with something that unified them all: “I hate stuff.”

Then there was an older gentlemen in an East German uniform, which he’d donned for the event because… “It’s a beautiful uniform.” He would never, of course, wear a Nazi uniform. He didn’t make much sense either…but seemed to be enjoying himself quite a bit in his beautiful uniform.

Finally there was this next guy, the video of which has popped up in quite a few places. You may have already seen it, but if not, I’ve decided to post it here. He seems to me like a very nice guy, young but… well, I can’t say he seems to be deeply motivated about it all…He simply wants his college tuition paid because…that’s what he wants. I thought this was funny, especially with the NRO reporter asking him to explain himself in that lovely British accent.

If you want to see the other two, go here and click on the highlighted words.

2 thoughts on “Occupy Wall Street Protesters

  1. asingleletter.wordpress.com

    I like the man with the ” I hate stuff!” sign. I think he accurately sums up the feelings of the protesters. As I stated in my own post on the matter, I kind of got the vibe that there was a general lack of cohesion, but “I hate stuff” would sum it up. I think people now are adapting the movement to their own “hate-ments” rather than just Wall Street/banks/government. Occupy your own #hate!

  2. Gayle

    Having lived through the protests of 60s I find that another series of protests in my lifetime is disconcerting. Why? Because they are all coming from a place of emotion and not using any brain cells for rational thought. “I want”…really? What a bunch of dead beat losers? No work ethic! And certainly no self worth or spiritual self esteem. As I heard Pastor Joe Surgue state…”God is going to flush the toilet”!


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