Catching Up

So, where have I been the last seven-plus days? Well, after the last post about my trip to the zoo, I actually got down to business and worked on Sky for three hours every day for the next three days. Then came Saturday, which was filled with many things that did not concern writing. Sunday was our first of the month pot luck at church and the transfer of a telescope from my carport to my car to the car of the friend who will be taking it home to keep and enjoy.  I came home and crashed, exhausted.

Monday I went to the hospital to do the check-in and pre testing for my surgery, set for this Friday. That took a couple of hours. No writing on that day, either. Tuesday I focused on catching up on housework and preparing for visitors. Today, Wednesday I continued the catch up and preparations, plus I have a standing lunch date with friends that lasts the afternoon. 

Tomorrow I might actually be able to get around to writing since I should be home for most of the day drinking my clear liquids and eating my jello in preparation for the big day… Friday. Of course, no writing will occur Friday, nor for the rest of the weekend since my son and his family will be arriving tomorrow night to help out, provide moral support etc. Can’t wait to see them!

And now, seeing as the news is almost over and my eyes keep wanting to shut, I’d better sign off. I’ll be back in a few days with my report of whether all this went as smoothly as it was supposed to.

7 thoughts on “Catching Up

    1. karenhancock

      And we can’t wait to see Lily! And her parents of course. 🙂 Those little videos you make are such teasers!

  1. Rebecca LuElla Miller

    Continuing to pray for you, Karen, knowing that God will be with you as you pass through the waters, as you walk through the fire. May His comfort and peace and healing and help be yours.


  2. Susan Donetti

    You are in my prayers. We don’t know each other but your writing has touched me in a most positive way. May God shine His face upon you and give you peace.

    Blessings. Susan


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