Attack of the Cloud of Mosquitos (Updated)

Well, today I changed the font and icon size on my computer just to see if it would help with my eyestrain (I keep overdoing it) and now I can’t get it to go back. I’ve clicked the little button for it to go back to the lowerr setting, and it tells me my changes won’t happen until I’ve restarted the computer. Well, I’ve now restarted it three times and the change has not yet happened.

Grumble. Growl…

With everything so big, WordPress is all bizarre. Half the time I can’t see what I’m typing, because there’s a side panel over top of the window. I have no idea how to change it.

I read all about the Pilgrims today and made my eye sore again. 🙁

But I did get some information on the persecution they suffered while in England that’s been helpful on Sky. In that vein, I am still simmering things, but they are slowly coming together. Even though it’s not linear or clear yet, I can just sense that they are. For one thing, I’m not panicking when my thought trains run out or go crashing into each other.

Come to think of it, I’m not having that many that are crashing any more and that’s always nice. Okay, enough of this weirdness.

I’m going to save this and then turn off the computer altogether and see if that helps. If not…

Update: I fixed the font and icon size!  The problem was that the menu that opened to change it was so large the bottom was off the screen and the botton was where the “Okay” and “Apply” buttons were. I had to change my toolbar setting to get it to be visible. And then it was only the barest upper edge of the buttons that showed. Whew!

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