Notes to Self: Pride and Unbelief

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Pride is just another form of self-centeredness.

Thus, concentrating on our weaknesses and failures can be every bit as self-centered(prideful)  as concentrating on our strengths and successes (which is the usual definition of pride).

As believers in Christ, we’re to fix our eyes on Him, not on the good or bad parts of ourselves, not on working harder at doing a better job.

And not on the weaknesses and failures of others, either.

No, we’re to fix our eyes on Him. To remember who He is, what He’s done. To seek constantly to know Him through His word, and to believe what it says. To rely on it; rest in it.

Only God can conform us to the image of His Son, (how arrogant to think we could ever in a million years do such a thing!) and He has promised to do ALL the work.

He doesn’t need our help, merely our attention and our acquiescence.

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