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Relearning the Story

In addition to the developments I described in my A New Week post the other day, I’ve also had a change of focus with respect to what I am doing in regards to the book writing itself.

You may recall I’ve described time and again the feeling of blankness that’s come over me as I go in and try to work. The sense that I have no idea what I want to do, what anything’s about, where I’m going…

So concurrent with the other realizations… or are they new directions? …it suddenly occurred to me that I have an entire notebook of developmental notes on this novel-in-progress. A fat notebook. I have writings about characters, about various aspects of the world, the races, the churches, the conflicts, the aliens, the history…the PLOT!

A notebook I’ve been ignoring. So, recalling that I had this notebook full of stuff… I thought maybe I should be looking at that instead of trying to pull stuff out of the air, or “remember” what I had intended. Plus, just coming in and reading through all these notes (many from 2001) I’ve given myself something concrete to do, something I actually can do, and that, I think, will help me to reform the habit of daily work.

So far it’s been very effective.  🙂