Secretary, Chaffeur, Garden Waterer…

Well, it looks like one of the two emails I wrote today really IS going to turn into a blog post. It’s been a week of scurrying about. Watering, fixing things, hanging pictures, driving to the doctor, to the eye doctor, talking on the phone. Lot’s of talking on the phone… I told my husband today I felt like a secretary. He said that’s exactly what I’d become.

There’s been lots of coordinating, planning, scheduling and finally a plan of sorts is in place. At the start I shook my head in bewilderment wondering how we were ever going to fit everything together — hip surgery, seeing the radiation oncologist, cataract surgery, PET scan, dentist, plus my own two appointments and all before when I leave for the San Francisco Bible Conference in about… er… two weeks now (No! That can’t be right… but it is…) At first I thought I probably wouldn’t be able to go.  It was all so crazy, I just had to turn it over to the Lord and let Him do it.

And He did. Thanks to my sister being able to get off work at the right time, she’ll be coming into town the day before I leave. So it looks like I’ll even get to go to the conference. And everything else is just falling right into place. Now we have only to move through the plan. Which I’d be stupid to think will occur without any surprises and obstacles.  Next up: on Monday the orthopedic surgeon will put a rod into my mother’s femur to stabilize it and protect against fracture. She’ll be hospitalized a couple of days. So I’ll be pretty busy then.

It’s interesting that after doing lots of things, going places, talkign to people, when I finally come back to the writing, I’m wordless. I feel drained. Disconnected from the work. It seems like I need some buffer time to reconnect. Or maybe just get recharged since I’ve long known that as an introvert I get drained by activities and people, and regain my energy by being alone.

Anway, I haven’t gotten a lot of work done on Sky this week, but I guess that’s not surprising. Or maybe I have, behind the scenes and I just don’t know what exactly work has gotten done… In any case, I know it’s exactly as God has chosen it to be.

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