Tomorrow’s the Day

Well, tomorrow morning early we go to the hospital for my mother’s surgery. She’s doing well. Not excited about it, of course, but in pretty good spirits.

Friday we had to go in for “Pre-Admit Testing” which should have been a breeze but turned into a weird three and a half hour ordeal. At least in my mother’s eyes. All because they had added a new element to their Pre-admission registration policies, and one of the people in the chain sent us the old way rather than the new. Also, when the phlebotomist called for someone to bring a wheelchair to take her to radiology (pre-admit includes getting pre-surgery blood tests and x-rays)  the wheelchair folks dropped the ball and no one came until a second call was made. So we ended up waiting over half an hour.

Then the x-ray technician was training two subordinates and so the x-ray process took longer. When we finally ended up at the Pre-Admit nursing station to which we were supposed to have been sent right off, the nurse was busy with another patient. We’d been at the hospital for two and a half hours by then. We waited another twenty minutes, and finally the nurse was there to interview us. She had been looking for my mother for a couple of hours, repeatedly calling back to Outpatient registration to ask where she was, the other people claiming they’d sent her over, even though they hadn’t… She said they’d only been using this new system/order  for a couple of weeks and never had they had anyone with the problems we’d had.

 I wasn’t terribly surprised. Weird glitches like that seem to have been the order of the week. I think those small turnings were the handiwork of the kingdom of darkness, trying to get my mother to worry that no one there knew what they were doing (they succeeded). She’s worried. But I’m not. For one, I know that God has His hand on the whole thing. For another, I was quite pleased with a number of the people we met during our unfortunately lengthy stay and with their procedures. I think the interview process, in particular, was a good thing. We both have a much clearer idea what to expect tomorrow than we would have otherwise.

 And now, I’m ready for bed…

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  1. Tabitha Pendleton

    Praying for your Mom and her mental attitude, it can be very challenging when you’re the patient. I’m encouraged by others who see the truth, thanks for sharing your challenges.


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