A Good Review

So do you think it’s just a “coincidence” that today I received a good review of The Enclave, to counterbalance that bad one I got yesterday? I don’t . And I”m very thankful for the timing and the review.

You can read it at Relz Reviews where I was supposed to turn in a character spotlight of my characters and have simply had no time, nor energy to do so.

Today ran pretty much along the same lines as yesterday. And tomorrow would have been easier except that suddenly we have unexpected visitors from Alaska who will be driving down from Phoenix just to join us for dinner!  I don’t think that timing’s an accident either…

My mom is doing well, though she thinks she should be recovered in 5 days and so thinks she’s not. But she was up several times and even walked down the hall. Alas, the food issues remain and since the cafeteria folks don’t seem to have a clue, I just brought in food for her today.

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  1. Tabitha Pendleton

    Glad for you. So glad your Mom has you (and God). I hope it’s not too weird that I’ve not read one of your books yet although I’m completely into science fiction and doctrine so I must say I can’t wait. There will be a time when I have time to read a book and I will make yours next!


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