More Positives Than Negatives

I’m completely wasted. Will probably go to bed right after I finish this.

Our dinner with the out of town guests was delightful. We didn’t know them very well to start with, but we know them much better now. It was a fun evening and we really enjoyed them and their two young sons. We both wished we had more time (They came from the same town, Wasilla, as Sarah Palin.)

My mother may be out of her hospital room and on to rehab tomorrow if they can find her a bed — either at the hospital where she’s staying or a separate rehab facility. Her caregivers say she’s “walking like a champion” — today she doubled the distance she walked over yesterday — we think she’s off pain medications, or at the least only on pills, and she’s having less and less trouble getting up to use the bathroom, though she still must do it with the help of her assigned medical technician. Today she pretty much ate the food I brought for her, which was much better than the hospital’s offerings.

If she does get to rehab tomorrow, the doctor said she’d probably be there a week.

Also, The Enclave received another very kind review by Kaci Hill over at Fiction Addict. You can read that here. Thanks, Kaci. And I want to note, more to myself than anyone, that now there have been two kind reviews to counterbalance the negative one I mentioned the other day. And a really nice email from a reader as well. Why is it we are so prone to focus on and magnify the negatives when often there really are more positives?

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