Yet Another Update

It’s 10 o’clock Monday night, November 9 and I’ve not done a blog entry since the 2nd. Why? Well, I’ve been busy, yes. And I keep getting to the end of the day and finding myself too tired to try to pull the posts I want to do together. And since I also received a notification last week from Feedblitz (the system that sends my blog posts out to subscribers’ email inboxes) of someone unsubscribing because there were “too many updates”, I’ve not wanted to just post another updatey sort of post.

Like this one.

Of course, I don’t know that “updates” meant literal update posts on things in my life, or just too many posts. Which would be ironic given blog-writing advice which says you should do regular, frequent postings or you’ll lose your readers. They never say that you might lose readers precisely because you do that. In any case, I think, but am not sure that “too many updates” is probably better than “content no longer relevant,” which is another reason Feedblitz unsubscribers have given for unsubscribing…

 So, much as I’ve fought giving an update, it seems that’s all I have to give. So onward.

Last week my mother had her tooth extracted. That was on Wednesday and though the actual extraction went well, and the bleeding initially stopped, when we got home it was going again. So we spent all morning trying to get  it to stop, then went back to the doctor, and long story short, it took most of the day.

After that, though, things went well. She’s having no trouble and is getting around much better. Rehab exercises are going well, even though she had to skip last Thursday’s session. We go again tomorrow.

I on the other hand was completely exhausted. There’d been a string of days where I’d been going from one thing to the next with one and sometimes even two appointments per day. So Thursday I didn’t go anywhere and didn’t do much of anything either.  Mainly I worked on making a card for my husband’s birthday, which was Friday.

When I try to think back on all I’ve done, it doesn’t seem like anything momentous… continue with the rehab, go to the store, make a cake, walk the dog, clean the dog, clean the house, do laundry… but I do recall and awful lot of hindrances cropping up. Things that break, spill, get lost, get undone, get snarled… so that things end up taking longer then you planned.

Finally, I have yet to even look at the material for Sky and it’s starting to bug me. But I keep putting it back in the Lord’s hands, trusting He’ll make it clear — and doable — when He’s ready for me to get back to work on it.


0 thoughts on “Yet Another Update

  1. Karen

    You have to do what the HS leads you to do, not what the cosmic system encourages you to do. Your blogs will hit people in different ways, and some people may not appreciate what you provide. It’s okay. God will use your blogs for those He has designed them for. For what it’s worth, I enjoy and look forward to reading your blogs.

    And the struggles we face day in and day out are the various waves we all have to learn to “surf.” Great training exercises, like you blogged about in reference to the book “Lone Survivor.” We keep on living by grace through faith (application) in all the circumstances we are placed in, and God works it all out for our spiritual growth. It’s all very good for us.

    Keep surfing~~~

    1. karenhancock

      Thanks, Karen. I know this, but it’s always good to have others repeat it. Amazing how easy it is to forget or not apply things we “know.” Thanks for your encouragement, too. It helps to know there is a group of specific people out there who do enjoy and appreciate my posts, a group I can focus on as those for whom I write. Though as you say, different posts and subjects will affect different people differently, so only God knows for sure what’s going on. And that’s good enough for me.


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