Redbone Pirate

This is not Quigley, but he looks a lot like Quigley (Well, they’re the same breed — Quigley doesn’t have all that white on his chest and has a handsomer face).  A friend of ours, who is also a hound enthusiast and an animal talent agent (and dog trainer) sent it awhile back and I got such a kick out of it I knew I wanted to share it on the blog some day. Quigley would never allow all that stuff on him for even as long as it took to take the picture and that parrot would only get near enough for him to grab it and run! 

Anyway,  Bear used to wear a bandana for his movie star tricks, so today I tried one on Q. Last night I put it on myself and he went bananas. Had to jump up to try to pull it off me (though gently — he’s getting much better). Then I put it on him — around his head and told him to “Leave it” which is a command he knows. He did leave it — more or less — long enough for me to show Stu. Then he tore it off himself and ran away. This morning I tried again, but put it around his neck this time and told him to leave it (treat in hand) and he tolerated it for our entire trick session.


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