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Growing an Amaryllis Bulb: Day 14 – 25

At 20 days, the buds began to open:



By Day 21 it was really starting to look like an amaryllis (notice there is now a third stalk and bud!) :


And by Day 25, it was fully flowering.


But the thing is, this all happened in a period of 25 days, whereas the bulb had been sitting around in a box on some store shelf for who knows how long. Doing nothing whatsoever. Even so, all the energy, all the food, all the instructions for the plant itself were there inside that bulb, utterly invisible from the outside.

And that’s the illustration the Lord has been using with me for the past three months in a veritable barrage of forms. The story I’m writing is “there”. The work that’s being done on it, is being done out of my sight and my awareness, but it is being done. I have only to believe that… believe that He is at work… (and present myself at the desk), and in time the work will flower as surely as the amaryllis did.

Growing an Amaryllis Bulb: Day 6 – 13

IMG_1835 - Copy (427x640)

As of day 6, the new pointed growth on the right is the flower bud. The pointed growth in the center (atop what was originally the tallest part of the bulb’s trimmed-back leaves) are the tips of a couple of new leaves. Farther down on the left amidst the two horizontal bands of brown,  another flower tip is peeping through.

By Day 8 the two flower buds (one on either side) were clearly developed, as were the 2 leaves (in the center):


 Here it is at 10 days from initial watering :IMG_1841

And then at Day 13:


Stay tuned for the appearance of the flowers…

Growing An Amaryllis Bulb: Day 1

An Amaryllis Bulb

An Amaryllis Bulb


Growing medium

Growing medium

Plant bulb with moistened growing medium in supplied pot

Plant bulb with moistened growing medium in supplied pot



Take Pictures.

Lots of potential in the bulb. But unless it’s combined with the moistened (but not wet) growing medium in the supplied pot, nothing will happen… Still, beyond planting it and watering it, there’s little I can do to “help” it.


My Granddaughter’s Favorite Video —

What Does the Fox Say?

At least it was back before Halloween, and dictated the costume she chose to wear for that event: a fox.

“Watch fox movie, Mommy?” she would repeatedly ask in the days leading up to Halloween. Her mom would turn it on and she would dance and sing along.

My son sent us a link to the video and of course we watched it right away. My first reaction was… wow. This is very weird. This is … just very weird…

But then, for some reason I wanted to watch it again. And then again. And, well… many more times for several days.

It’s “an electronic dance song and viral video by Norwegian comedy duo Ylvis” according to Wikipedia, and was debuted on the Internet in September. It is now nearing 250 million views. The brothers have a comedy talk show in Norway, and yet are very good singers.

After you watch it a time or two, it stops being weird and starts being fun. I totally understand why Lily likes it. I would have shared it sooner, if I’d had a properly working computer and blog to do it with.

So, without further ado, I present “What does the Fox Say?:

Teach Your Dog…

Quigley doing "Show me belly"

Quigley doing “Show me belly”

“Show me belly” is one of my favorite Quigley tricks!  He so cute!  We have been working on saying grace before he eats and he’s doing well.

But that’s just fun stuff. What I really want is for him to learn to go to a place in the living room when someone knocks on the door and to lie down there and stay. As opposed to jumping all around and on the hapless guest who enters. He weighs almost 90 pounds so having him jump on people in exuberant abandon is not a pleasant experience.

So we’ve been working on it,  It’s not coming easily, especially not getting him to go to the particular spot I wished him to go to. Remembering there is a “trick” called “going to a mark” I searched the internet and came up with the following video by Zac George:  How To Teach Your Dog to Go to a Spot.

Zac’s very enthusiastic and his dog is very quick and attentive and energetic — one of those cattle herding dogs that are smart and bred to work well with people, making frequent eye contact– as opposed to hurling themselves headlong into the woods and across the hills on a scent trail,  bellowing all the while like hounds were bred to do. (They actually have a contest of who can jump up on the tree and bark the most at coonhound field trials. Quigley has potential to do quite well in that one…)

But I digress…  Quig did pretty well with the touch the towel thing that’s taught in the video and we’re moving along on the touch it and lie down part. I thought the video was so entertaining, some of you dog lovers might enjoy it as well…

Strange Characters in St. Louis

My second day in St. Louis, the day of the Christy Awards, I took a little walk looking for a place to eat lunch, and happened on some strange characters. My husband warned me about panhandlers, and my neighbor warned me about purse snatcher/pickpockets… but no one warned me of the strange beings I would find in the city park.

Like this man, for instance, a true Air Head:

airhead small

Or this one… definitely a bird brain.

birdbrain small

And then there’s this individual, and I have no idea what his problem is, but it seems to be grave…

sad sack small

I’m guessing they’re all from children’s books, since the park had lots of things for children, including a long rectangular wading pool full of fun fountains to get doused in on a hot and muggy day.

Does anyone recognize any of these figures and where they are from?

Stop It!

Bob Newhart Video from way back. I mentioned some time ago that I’d write more about leaving “rebound” behind, and I’m just about ready to do so. This video is just the teaser: it captures the gist of the new teaching in…  well… two words!  Plus it’s funny. [If the video doesn’t appear, please click on the title of this post to go to its own page. The video should show up there.]