My Granddaughter’s Favorite Video —

What Does the Fox Say?

At least it was back before Halloween, and dictated the costume she chose to wear for that event: a fox.

“Watch fox movie, Mommy?” she would repeatedly ask in the days leading up to Halloween. Her mom would turn it on and she would dance and sing along.

My son sent us a link to the video and of course we watched it right away. My first reaction was… wow. This is very weird. This is … just very weird…

But then, for some reason I wanted to watch it again. And then again. And, well… many more times for several days.

It’s “an electronic dance song and viral video by Norwegian comedy duo Ylvis” according to Wikipedia, and was debuted on the Internet in September. It is now nearing 250 million views. The brothers have a comedy talk show in Norway, and yet are very good singers.

After you watch it a time or two, it stops being weird and starts being fun. I totally understand why Lily likes it. I would have shared it sooner, if I’d had a properly working computer and blog to do it with.

So, without further ado, I present “What does the Fox Say?:

2 thoughts on “My Granddaughter’s Favorite Video —

  1. Brandi Murr

    I just had to shake my head and laugh. My 3 year old also has a favorite weird video, thanks to you. She saw me watching the Atlas robot that you had posted and we watched it every day for a month, we are down to once a week now. Before that was the Good Night ipad you had posted. I don’t think I will take the chance and show her this one. 🙂

    1. Karen Hancock Post author

      I understand. But, really, Brandi, this one is MUCH better than either of those others. It’s very well done, visually intriguing, funny and the brothers, in addition to being good singers are pretty cute. I don’t know that it will teach your three-year-old the correct sounds for a fox, however. If you ask Lily what the fox says these days, her answer is, “Achee Achee” or some other selection from this video. LOL!


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