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My Granddaughter’s Favorite Video —

What Does the Fox Say?

At least it was back before Halloween, and dictated the costume she chose to wear for that event: a fox.

“Watch fox movie, Mommy?” she would repeatedly ask in the days leading up to Halloween. Her mom would turn it on and she would dance and sing along.

My son sent us a link to the video and of course we watched it right away. My first reaction was… wow. This is very weird. This is … just very weird…

But then, for some reason I wanted to watch it again. And then again. And, well… many more times for several days.

It’s “an electronic dance song and viral video by Norwegian comedy duo Ylvis” according to Wikipedia, and was debuted on the Internet in September. It is now nearing 250 million views. The brothers have a comedy talk show in Norway, and yet are very good singers.

After you watch it a time or two, it stops being weird and starts being fun. I totally understand why Lily likes it. I would have shared it sooner, if I’d had a properly working computer and blog to do it with.

So, without further ado, I present “What does the Fox Say?:

Strange Characters in St. Louis

My second day in St. Louis, the day of the Christy Awards, I took a little walk looking for a place to eat lunch, and happened on some strange characters. My husband warned me about panhandlers, and my neighbor warned me about purse snatcher/pickpockets… but no one warned me of the strange beings I would find in the city park.

Like this man, for instance, a true Air Head:

airhead small

Or this one… definitely a bird brain.

birdbrain small

And then there’s this individual, and I have no idea what his problem is, but it seems to be grave…

sad sack small

I’m guessing they’re all from children’s books, since the park had lots of things for children, including a long rectangular wading pool full of fun fountains to get doused in on a hot and muggy day.

Does anyone recognize any of these figures and where they are from?

Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3

We saw Iron Man 3 a couple weekends ago now, and I loved it!  I wanted to watch it again as soon as it was over. I think Robert Downey, Jr. is just about perfect as Iron Man.  As one reviewer put it, he can somehow make Tony Stark lovable, even as he’s being a total jerk. His comic timing is perfect as well.I loved the new abilities of the suit, too. And I liked the reversal in the story, where Tony had to spend some time all on his own, with nothing but his ingenuity and a newfound friend. Kinda like in the first Iron Man.

The villains, of course, are always horrible. But this time, I kept thinking the guy was familar, and where had I seen him before?Not until the credits rolled did I figure it out: Guy Pearce. Of course. How could I not have recognized him? I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve watched The Count of Monte Cristo — of course, I’m admittedly paying more attention to Jim Caviezel when I’m watching, but still…

What’s interesting to me is that even though I thoroughly enjoyed it, I’m finding I don’t have a lot to say about it. Which echoes what I read in another review — it was like taking a really cool, really long ride at Universal Studios.  Fun, exciting, thrilling, visually captivating, but when you’re done… well, it’s over.

And no annoying theme song to haunt you for months after as happens if one rides Disneyland’s It’s a Small, Small World, too many times.  (I know whereof I speak. When my son was very young and we were homeschooling, we went to Disneyland in the off season. Star Wars was closed but Small World was not. In fact, there were so few people on it, that when my son asked to do it again, the operator let us. And then again. And again… And again…

Light of Eidon Scrapbook

Continuing my series highlighting the first book in my Legends of the Guardian King series, The Light of Eidon, I thought today I’d draw your attention to the scrapbook I developed for it, similar to the one I did for Arena.

In it I put up several photos of the ancient Nabatean city of Petra, which served as inspiration for the canyons of the SaHal in which the action plays out at the end of the book. There’s even a link to a virtual tour of the area.

Also included is a picture of an LL Bean model from the late 70’s that served as the inspiration for Abramm,

some information on swords, a map of the city of Jarnek,

and a cartoon that was pinned to my bulletin board for years.   If you’ve read The Light of Eidon, you’ll probably get the connection. If not… well… as you know, it’s being offered free as an e-book this week HERE… or you can try your local library. Amazon even has a few paper copies both new and used for sale…

To visit my scrapbook for The Light of Eidon, click HERE.


Laughter is Good

It’s been a good week. I’ve been busy getting caught up, and even made some headway on Sky. All the way to page 14 of ch 2, and hopefully will finish it today or tomorrow.  But it’s not left me much time to write many blogs.

So… I’ve got another video to share. I found this one quite by accident on a site called Life With Dogs. It makes me laugh so hard I cry. Maybe it’s a dog person’s thing. Maybe it’s because I’ve seen Quigley be this weird. Maybe it’s because it’s Julia Roberts the dog doesn’t like…

Anyway, if you need some laughter today… here you go.


I’ve seen those COEXIST bumper stickers around for some time, and on occasion amused myself when stopped at traffic lights trying to figure out what all the symbols stood for. The only one I could never figure out was the E. But now I know, thanks to the poster below (via PowerLine):

Click to enlarge

National Sleep Day!

I found out this weekend that today, January 3rd, is National Sleep Day. Whooee!  I am officially celebrating using some of the suggestions given on eHow in How to Celebrate National Sleep Day.

First off, I slept in — until about 8. It was wonderful knowing I didn’t have to get up right away to run off and do something…

Then I took some pictures of Quigley sleeping.  Here’s one:

And here are some sketches I made of people and animals sleeping…


 Though the how-to suggested I make the sketches today, I paged through my sketch diary and posted these — which I did some time ago — instead. It would have been fun to do the sketching, but that would have taken longer, and my husband is out running about, not sleeping so I’d have no person to sketch, only Quigley — and I didn’t even sketch him (the sketch above is actually of our bloodhound/black-and-tan hound, Samantha, who died a number of years ago at the age of 11)

An article I read in the Sunday Parade, where I found out about this special holiday (which is falling at a time when I am in desperate need of rest and sleep) says,

“Scientists now know that sleep is essential to memory–your brain uses those hours to arrange memories so you can better recall key emotional moments.  Other good reasons to put in pillow time: People who skimp on sleep show elevated levels of inflammation (a risk factor for heart disease and stroke) and crave higher calorie foods because of hormone imbalances)”

There. Now I’ve completed the “talk about the benefits of sleep” suggestion. 🙂 There are, of course, many other benefits than just arranging memories — for example, it’s easier to stay in fellowship when you have more sleep, you don’t have dark circles under your eyes, your brain will actually function as opposed to blanking out, simple things become doable, rather than seemingly impossible, you can actually sit down and write a blog post…And it’s free.

Sort of. Because while originally I had planned at this point to take an afternoon nap, once again events have gotten the better of me and now I need to listen to Bible Class  (during which I will not sleep).  Then we have to walk Quigley.

But still, today I love the idea that it is National Sleep Day. Or, as the Parade article referred to it, The Festival of Sleep.


Did you see the snow on my blog? It’s something WordPress does for the holidays. Sometimes if you move the cursor around, the snowfall will change directions.  Fun! 

 Here’s a picture of our snowy Jeep from several years ago when it snowed here,  just to make it more appropriate:

snowy car


And here’s the snow paloverde the next morning… (I want to see if the snow will show up down here, too!)


If you’re a Feedblitz subscriber you won’t see the snow unless you go to the blog itself, here.  You can also click on the post’s title, “Snow” above.