Laughter is Good

It’s been a good week. I’ve been busy getting caught up, and even made some headway on Sky. All the way to page 14 of ch 2, and hopefully will finish it today or tomorrow.  But it’s not left me much time to write many blogs.

So… I’ve got another video to share. I found this one quite by accident on a site called Life With Dogs. It makes me laugh so hard I cry. Maybe it’s a dog person’s thing. Maybe it’s because I’ve seen Quigley be this weird. Maybe it’s because it’s Julia Roberts the dog doesn’t like…

Anyway, if you need some laughter today… here you go.

4 thoughts on “Laughter is Good

  1. Donna

    I am sure you may have seen this other funny one also – but if not here it is! Dogs and kids – they can make you laugh!

    1. karenhancock

      That was pretty funny, too, Donna. Quigley gets the same looks when you say “cheese” and “bacon.” Thanks for sharing.


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